Altar Of Worship 2018 is happening this weekend at Jubilee House, London. So, we caught up with the event compere, UK gospel artist, Amazin` Ijeoma, after she posted a message on Facebook to generate awareness for the upcoming youth-centred meeting.

Hello, Amazin`. Please introduce yourself My names are Amazin' Ijeoma Paul. I am a music minister at JCCMA.

What is Altar Of Worship (AOW) 2018?

Altar of Worship is a God-given vision, a commission which clearly explains a pure heart of worship to God, which is not expressed not just in our songs but is evident in our lifestyle.

Altar Of Worship 2018

It is not just a gathering of talented people. It is also the fulfilment of God’s divine purpose on earth and in lives.

It targets to re-instate and restore the lifestyle of worship, especially amongst our young people. No one encounters the real presence of God and remains the same.

How did Altar Of Worship start and what was the overall vision?

I worked and coached young people, professionally from 2008 and then was led by God to extend my mentors towards ministry.

I did so voluntarily until 2012 when I was elected the music minister of the church. I and my team, JCC Choir, hosted our first AOW in 2012, October to be precise.

How many Altar Of Worship have you had till date?

So far, we've had six sessions and this year is the 7th year of significant and successful Mentorship sessions.

Altar of Worship is a yearly session, commissioned to provide a platform and support for all young and upcoming ministers, to exercise, show, release, and freely discharge their God-given abilities/talents & gifting for the body of Christ.

It is a manger, where prophetic worshippers and worship leaders are born and nurtured to their full potential. It is also a place where young music ministers learn how to be all their heart aspires to be, as far as Gospel Music is concerned.

What the expectations for Altar Of Worship 2018?

My honest expectation for this year's commission is to see my beautiful, young, God-fearing music ministers taking their right places in ministry.

I pray that the good Lord will keep them away from every adversary as they service the Lord with their gifts.



My name is Paris. I am a young, committed and determined girl. Gifted and enthusiastic as a music minister, I have the heart to worship God in truth and spirit.

Altar Of Worship (AOW) is a great platform that helped me discover my talent. Now, I work as a role model for younger children who are yet to find their abilities.

I will encourage young people to attend this upcoming event. It is going be a time of opportunity and who knows where God can take you.


My name is Udoka. I am 12 years old, and I started singing in church at a young age. My first song at Altar Of Worship (AOW) was at the age of 10.

I used to walk off crying, and I could not finish my songs because I thought I was singing bad and I felt nervous.

Altar Of Worship (AOW) has helped me develop my voice, and I am thankful for that. Now I am more confident when I am singing, and I feel free on the altar. My vocal may not be the best, but I will keep on trying and never give up.

Princess Zina

My name is Princess Zina. I am a 14-year-old who has an immense passion for music. I’ve been singing since the age 8. Singing is my passion, my first love and my energy. I have discovered my inner self through spiritual music.

Altar Of Worship (AOW) has given me the platform to sing and give praises to God without limits freely.

It has also provided other amazing young ministers and me the platform to show the world that you can be young and still praise God in truth and spirit and honestly, that's what this generation needs.


My name is Jennifer. I’m 15 years old and the youth choir leader of the Jubilee Christian Centre. When I was a little girl, I was quite shy and reluctant to speak in public.

The first step I took towards gaining the confidence I have today was joining the choir around age 10.

Altar Of Worship (AOW) gives the youth an opportunity to minister and learn more about the gospel. It’s the time where we learn about many gospel artist`s journeys in the ministry and ask questions and to discover what path we wish to take: be it preaching, singing or playing an instrument.


My name is Angel. I have been singing for as long as I can remember. Usually, I have been told off so much for singing because it`s what I love.

My passion for gospel music has grown strongly after leading in the church. Altar Of Worship (AOW) gave me a chance to express myself.

It gave me an opportunity to show who I am and what I can do. Now, I know who I am.


My name is Gold. I am 13 years old turning 14 this year, and I'm excited and happy that I have this opportunity to perform at Altar Of Worship (AOW) this year.

Altar Of Worship (AOW) has made me bold and confident when performing and it helps me to share my passion and love for the gospel with not only my church but with a broader variety of people.

I always appreciate you aunty, and God will continue to strengthen you the more. The more I watch you, the more I am inspired.


My name is Chantel. I'm at the University of Kent studying a degree in chemistry.

I love how gospel music impacts, encourages and changes lives.

I am passionate about supporting people, and Altar Of Worship (AOW) has helped me achieve this by giving me the platform to encourage and minister to people through songs.


I am Chizitara. I`m a passionate singer and music minister with a heart to worship God.

I started writing her songs from a very young age, and I have consistently and confidently ministered my songs on Altar Of Worship (AOW) platform.


Hi, my name is Chioma, but I also go by the name of Faith Stephen.

My dream is to become an actor in Hollywood at a young age and to get a Hollywood walk of fame one day, to get a doctorate, and to have my fashion line.

Whenever I share my dream, my friends or people either laugh or say that's so much pressure.

I know my ministering at Altar Of Worship (AOW) would help me towards achieving my dreams as I would have the confidence to perform in front of people. Whether acting or singing or anything, I would have the courage to do it without second-guessing.

When my friend Zina introduced me as a singer to her mum, Aunty Amazin Ijeoma, she invited me to minister at JCC. At that moment, I knew that this was God showing me my future.

This opportunity is all leading to what I want to be in the future, and therefore I believe that this will help open doors for me. I am grateful to Aunty Amazin Ijeoma for giving me the opportunity to minister at this AOW platform.

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