Theon featuring Andrew Bello - Dance Like

(Pictured above: from left to right - Theon and Andrew Bello )

This morning, Premier Gospel`s Breakfast Show fired off a new music tweet with a Soundcloud link at "Dance Like." Shout out to Uncle Yinka for spreading the love.

There is no way in the UK gospel music universe I could have seen this song coming due to an influx of new Afrobashing tracks dropping daily like rain. So, I pressed play to listen.

I must confess, "Dance Like" is different and comes with the catchiest tune in July. From its vibrating beat and lyrics down to Theon`s musical collaboration with UK Ambassador of Afrogospel, Andrew Bello, who seems so busy with features here and there (also, check out his performance on Sarah Teibo`s Blessed which was headlined by trendy Muyiwa Olarewaju), everything was on point.

[Download Dance Like by Theon featuring Andrew Bello]

Theon, who may seem new to some listeners is no fresh kid in the UK gospel music block. Before his latest track "Dance Like," he had silently pushed out D|Day eight days earlier. Add that to Prepare A Table, Sanctuary, Light Of The World (LOTW), Ain`t Guh Like Yah and the tracklist goes on and on.

Now back to this beautiful song and its Davidic message. It speaks about having weaknesses, worries, hopes, waiting on the master plan, desiring a change, trusting God and dancing in victory: enough said.

I`d allow the song do the talking while I rest my case. Just a quick note. The song has been made available for download on Soundcloud. Isn`t that fantabulous? Thank you, Theon!!!

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