All The Waves - Sstedi (2018) Single

The stage name is Sstedi but pronounced "Steady." Meet the Charlotte-based female gospel artist and her new vibey song "All The Waves."

Here is a little-known fact about Sstedi:

  • She wasn`t always a Christian and plays acoustic guitar

  • Born and raised in College Park, Maryland, USA

  • R&B/Soul/Alternative is her music genre

  • In 2014, she released the (Charles Holloman produced) acoustic song "Premature."

  • Now, she returns to digital stores with Ephesians 1 (Verse 22) inspired "All The Waves," a track produced by Issacxhopes.

"...All the waves won't hold you down/They won’t overthrow you I know/I know/All the waves won’t hold you/oh no/oh no/They won’t overthrow you/I know/I know/The plans I have for you/I know," is a hope-packed line so reassuring for the hopeless to hear while it showcases God`s power to rule over the surging seas.

If you are looking for an inspiring tune this week, don`t sleep on "All The Waves" by Sstedi.

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