Have you ever exercised the thought of running away? Well, there is something on the horizon set to explore the human instinct to escape from problems.

That thing is a song titled "Runaway", and it arrived one hour ago with its accompanying video.

The forerunner was #UNITYmovement EP of late 2017 that accumulated 2000 downloads in the first four months of release. Before then, J.Walker of TLD had been on music sabbatical.

The story has it that J.Walker experienced thoughts of running away as a teenager. Recalling his experience, he narrated an incident where the electricity meter got empty at home.

"Fumbling around with my mother in search of a candle, you could feel the tension shift because we didn`t know when power would be restored."

Later on in life, J.Walker came to realise that God was the only real answer to the troubles faced in day-to-day lives. Runaway lyrics highlight this present understanding, ‘forget a network and I’m Jesus’ friend,’ both bear witness to a transformation that has taken place.

Runaway by J.Walker of (TLD) is now available on all digital outlets. Click here to download.

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