Faiyabrand spent time honing his unique sound as a beatmaker. When he visited BBC Radio London 94.9FM last December, he was asked to freestyle a song, and the UK CHH artist responded with the 60-second snippet of his latest single, "Time Will Tell."

In a chat with Faiyabrand in late May 2018, he shared insights about himself and "Time Will Tell," the self-produced track which was mixed and mastered by Okey-Sokay. You can follow our quick discussion below.

Who is Faiyabrand?

I`m a UK-based Nigerian gospel artist, songwriter and music producer.

How would you describe your style of music?

My music style is mainly Christian hip-hop. However I grew up around classical music, so I try to implement it in my sound because I appreciate all the instruments of the orchestra.

Your new single has a standout title. Why did you pick "Time Will Tell?"

"Time Will Tell" is a phrase that became a word of encouragement to me, so I decided to write a song about it. The phrase is meant to encourage others that no matter what you’re going through right now. God is a Time-keeper, and he will see you through - you only need to trust and wait on Him because surely, He doesn`t and Time Will Tell.

Every song has its story. What inspired "Time Will Tell?"

Time Will Tell was inspired by my struggles growing up and making music. Many people said I’m just a wannabe rapper/producer, but I didn’t allow those words to stop me from doing what I’m doing. I just put my hope in God and said to myself “Time Will Tell.”

You are a fantastic beatmaker. When did you become a gospel artist? And Why?

I started out as a rapper, funny enough. I began to rap at the age of eleven, but only for fun at school. I’d write lyrics too but nothing serious. Being a creative child, often I’d have an idea in my head, and I’d want, and now here I am.

I decided to go Gospel because my mission is to turn the hearts of men back to God as my mentor, Tim Omotoso will say. And music is the powerful medium for it. I said to myself, why not use this gift God has given me to spread His word? So that is what I do now.

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You can listen to "Time Will Tell" here.

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