Following his "That’s Where I Be At" single released this year, Feed’Em is back with another hard-hitting song “Keep That” dropped ahead of his yet-to-be-titled debut EP (#MTFEP), and we have a feeling that this is going to be a fantastic body of work.

"Feed’Em," who is currently on the #FMGUKTT18 tour with fellow artists InderPaul Sandhu, Unique Creation and special guests had this to say about his track:

“I've learnt that not everything requires my energy. "Keep That" is an expression that keeps me focused on the straight and narrow path. There are so many offers in this world, but none of it is worth your soul. So next time temptation comes calling, tell them, “Keep That” and keep it moving,” Feed’Em said.

If you are familiar with the grime sound, you will recognise this popular Zeph Ellis production was used by Kano and fellow West London MC, AJ Tracey. “Keep That” carries the same energy and aggression with a provoking message inspired by the Book of Matthew, Chapter 4: where Jesus Christ is taken up on the mountain to be tempted of the devil.

"Feed’Em" hopes this song will inspire others to follow in the footsteps of Christ by refusing to sell out for temporary gains. The song is available for download here.

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