Like A Child (Remix) - Sarah Teibo ft Fred Hammond

Shortly before writing this blog, Sarah Teibo`s epic album, "Keep Walking," which also includes "Like A Child (Remix)," a track featuring Fred Hammond had become available on iTunes. I knew I had to do a quick chat with her to make sure I didn`t miss out anything significant.

I heard the song first on Be Inspired With Shoggy Tosh, an online radio show and seriously, it blew me away. Before that, there was a down-to-earth video of Grammy Awards winner, Fred Hammond supporting Sarah Teibo, whom he called "niece across the pond."

[Download Keep Walking by Sarah Teibo]

So I caught up with the Premier Gospel Awards Winner and AGMMA Discovery Artist of the Year Winner, Sarah Teibo to talk music, upcoming album and Fred Hammond collaboration.

Who is Sarah Teibo? And why do you do what you do?

I’m a married mom of two beautiful girls. I’m an accountant by day and a Gospel singer by night (more like at the weekends). I am very passionate about music, and I am a terrible workaholic. I do what I do because I want to die empty.

Like A Child (Remix) - Sarah Teibo ft Fred Hammond

What is your music background?

I grew up in a home filled with music as both my parents are music lovers and my mother, in particular, listened to a lot of classic Souls, R&B and Motown music.

These were more or less my introduction to music. My dad loved a bit of high life, so you could say I had a right balance of contemporary and traditional music, which to a large extent has influenced my taste in music - both what I enjoy listening to and what I write.

When I got born again at the age of ten, I struggled to find the music I loved based on what I’d been listening to, but gradually got to see some great urban/ contemporary artists over time, including The Clark Sisters, Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell to name a few.

Your new album drops this week. What are your expectations?

My expectations for the new album are that it would reach and bless as many people as possible. The core message of the songs on the album is one of encouragement and inspiration.

In life, we experience different kinds of setbacks, and we need to hear uplifting messages ever so often. I suffered the tragedy of losing my mother during the process of recording the album. It was a tough time for me, and I found it hard to see the blessings that were around me because of my loss.

[Listen to Keep Walking by Sarah Teibo]

Songs from the "Keep Walking" album turned out to be a source of strength for me, especially the title track ‘Keep Walking’ and my prayer is that everyone who listens to the album would find encouragement for whatever situation that comes their way.

On the "Keep Walking" album, do you have any favourite track?

My favourite track is ‘Make You Smile’ because, in a few words, it is the 'confessions of a frustrated gospel singer'.

You need to listen to it, to understand. But the long and short of it is, knowing why we do what we do. I do it to make my Father (God) proud and to put a smile on His face.

The collaboration with Tehillah Daniel & Jason Nicholson-Porter on "Like A Child" was sweet, but then, you dropped the Remix with "Fred Hammond" which was huge. How did God make that happen?

It was not something I could have imagined in a million years! It’s a long story, but it started with me looking for some support from Spotify playlisting for the original song.

One of the guys we sent it to liked it so much that he recommended collaboration with a US artist, and lo and behold, that artist was Fred Hammond. The rest is history, as they say (smiling).

And what has been the song`s feedback from DJs, On-Air Presenters and music lovers in general?

It has received rave reviews globally since its release with numerous radio plays in different countries: from Canada to France, Australia and South Africa.

For the beautiful readers and followers of your music, do you have any last word?

Whatever you do, do not limit GOD

Keep Walking - Sarah Teibo (Album) 2018

Sarah Teibo`s “Keep Walking” is available for pre-order on iTunes and pre-save on Spotify. The album drops this Friday, 29th June at PizzaExpress Live, Holborn and it`ll also be available on all digital platforms. Get your ticket here.

Listen to "Keep Walking by Sarah Teibo"

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