MD -  Put It Away ft Dan D and Lady Indie

MD features his younger brother Daniel Budram (aka Dan D) and older sister, Indira Budram (aka Lady Indie), in his new music video, “Put Away.

It speaks to the crime and violence disease that’s plaguing Belize and other nations. This Video is also one of a series of videos from the ‘Love Better: End Violence’ campaign Roots and Honor’s creatives is getting ready to launch.

MD invites the listeners to consider how many dreams, purposes, doctors, cures that will never manifest because they were buried in the cemetery.

To all the ‘Gun-Man’ think about the value of your life & like Dan D says, “If you live by the gun, you die by the gun” SO WE URGE YOU TO ‘PUT DOWN’ THE GUN. MD looked into the issues of his culture, and he encourages the gangs and those susceptible to committing crimes and violence to STOP, think about their lives, put down the gun and value life.

Put Away is for all those who are ready to end the culture of death and instead give life and love to others.

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