Grow to Glow - Olaedo Ibe (R&B/Soul) 2018

It`s Good news! Read all about it! Olaedo Ibe`s 7-track LP "Grow To Glow" is dropping on the 1st of August 2018, and we are all getting excited about the tracklist

Breaking the news on social media, which includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the "Good Life" singer announced her LP and gave credit to family and friends who have been a pillar of support. You can read the full credit below.

(Download/Stream "Grow To Glow" | Pre-order "Grow To Glow")

Grow to Glow - Olaedo Ibe (R&B/Soul) 2018


1. Lead Me (Olaedo's Psalm 2)

2. Nobody Knows (feat. Ian Copeland Green)

3. Your Word (That's Right)

4. Good Life (feat. Lekè & Becca Folkes)

5. Reprise

6. Phenomenal

7. Fill Us

Thank You, God, For Making This Possible. I Had My Doubts, But I'm Thankful You Saw Me Through.

Huge Thank you to all the producers (Ian Copeland Green, Luke "GKID" Grant & Nehemiah Ibe) for adding your awesomeness to the project, more importantly, thank you for bringing my songs to life. I learnt so much from each and every one of you 💯

Thank you to all the featured artist Becca Folkes, Ian Copeland Green, Lekè. It's Been An Incredible Blessing working with you all 💛

Ian Copeland Green Ian Green

You're such a legend. In every way and form, it's been an honour working with you. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

Luke GKID Grant

Once again thank you...For the advice regarding life, analysing songs, critiquing lyrics, for introducing me to graphic designers, PR and so many others ♥️ Luke Grant

& more importantly randomly making me laugh...HAPPINESS ***

Nehemiah Ibe Amazing! It's been a pleasure working you. Bringing your music and mine together has been a journey, but I'm grateful for it. Thank you for always supporting me and telling me the hard truths of life & music.

More importantly, thank you God for my parents, Bishop Ibe & Pastor Moyo. Every day I thank God that I have BOTH of you in my life #IssaBlessing 💯 Nehe & Isaiah, you both are blessings to me, I love you both.

And yes as an #indie artist I am beyond grateful for every like, share, retweet, prayer, wish & comment. Thank you for the support...it means the world to me! I appreciate it all, I appreciate you more... PLEASE let me know how I can support your dreams too! ✨🔥🤗🎈

Thank you to every Radio DJ such as Premier Gospel, Vinejuice, Salt FM, who have played my music...thank you🎈✔️

Thank you to all the Videographers from Paolo #LeadMe, Sam #FillUS & Kassandra #GoodLife, MUA Lori Bee 🔥, Canvace & Fashion Designer: Moni House of Fashion🔥

S/O to all PR

Tracy, Tosh Media & Weplug for promoting my music in the most beautiful way

Graphic design: Ben T Photography: Shan Shot Me MUA: Canvace

Thank you, God for everything ✨

(Download/Stream "Grow To Glow" | Pre-order "Grow To Glow")

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