Experience His Presence - Olufemi Olokodana (2018)

"Experience His Presence" is the latest African gospel album in town. Oh yeah!

Birth by the Spirit of God but written and produced by Beffta/Jump Video Award nominee, Olufemi Olokodana (also known as Phemmoh), the 15-track album is a double-edged sword with the aim to bring down God`s glory and to usher people into God`s presence whenever they listen.

[Download "Experience His Presence" by Olufemi Olokodana]

The album collection includes songs like Light At The Tunnel, Rejoice, We Are Gathered, and Blessed Be Your Name, to mention a few. It`s available on iTunes and other stores. (Download here)


1. Intro

2. Rejoice

3. We Are Gathered

4. Light At The End Of The Tunnel

5. Blessed Be Your Name

6. Moteriba

7. My God

8. Jesus I Bless Your Name

9. Good Day

10. I Will Be Glad

11. Trumpet Calls

12. Come Alive

13. As Long

14. We Give You Glory

15. Majesty

16. Every Knee Must Bow

17. Mu Jo Jo

18. Are You Ready?

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