Since joining Spotify for the first time in 2016, producer-come-artist ‘WYLD’ has racked up a whopping 1 million streams without becoming a ‘popular’ name within the UK Christian/ Gospel music community.

Originally hailing from the small island in the English Channel - Guernsey, where he used to make backing tracks for churches, Wyld began his music career as a producer when he quit his job and moved the Manchester to pursue music full time. Since then he has worked with the likes of CASS, Soul Survivor, Twelve24 and Chris Howland.

WYLD’s style fuses influences of Electronic Dance Music , Hip Hop, Dance, Contemporary Christian Music and a hint Afrobeat to create a sound that is infectious, atmospheric and exciting.

Following the example of producers who have positioned themselves as lead artists such as popular mainstream producer DJ Khaled, fellow Guernsey-born electronic music producer Mura Masa and Reach Records producer Gavvi, WYLD is an artist in his own right, producing music in his name with featured artists.

The strategy is working for him as he generates enviable Spotify streaming numbers - officially hitting 1 million streams in just over 2 years at the end of May as well as constantly being featured on multiple Spotify playlists.

Wyld said, “I love to sit in my home all day making music. I started out as making Christian music that I related too and it's crazy to me that other people have also connected with it. I have heard stories about how my music has impacted other people and most of the time, it all started with something I made in my bedroom at a stupid hour in the morning."

With more music releases and some key live performances planned for the next few months, Wyld is hoping to put a stamp on the UK Urban Christian music scene and encourage other artists that they can achieve the same.

Listen to WYLD here: Found You feating CASS

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