Powerhouse singer Mojisola highlights the struggles of being a mother and an artist with follow up single.

Mojisola - In His Name (Single) 2018

UK gospel artist and mother-of-two, Mojisola is set to release her 2nd single, ‘In His Name’ on 22nd June 2018 as a follow up to her widely received debut single Most High God.

Her one-year hiatus from the music scene has been laden with many challenges.

Juggling her role as a registered nurse, wife and mother of two adorable children; music had to take a back seat as she balanced a hectic work and family schedule while stealing moments in the day to write music.

I would find myself recording melodies on my phone during breaks at work, after tucking the kids in bed and hubby is asleep. I would stay up for a few hours into the night writing music,” she revealed.

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But perhaps the most significant challenge Mojisola had to face was the loss of both her Grandmother and Father-in-law within a 2-week span. “In His Name” was birthed during that problematic period but Mojisola credits Psalm 27, her favourite passage of scripture, as the anchor she needed during those dark times.

Mojisola - In His Name (Single) 2018

(Pictured: Mojisola)

I remember reciting Psalm 27 at work, thinking about all the things going on in my life at that moment and I found myself singing the first line: The Lord is my light, over and over till it lifted my spirit and immediately, I knew that God was about to give me a song out of this."

In His Name” became my song and source of light during one of the darkest periods in my life.” It`s a soulful mid-tempo gospel ballad with powerhouse vocals that source inspiration from the likes of Whitney Houston, Cece Winans, Juanita Bynum and Shirley Ceaser, some of Mojisola`s greatest mentors.

Her latest single is now available to buy and stream on all major online platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon Music.

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