Nyasha T & United Praiser - Come To Praise (Single)

Come To Praise’ by London based praise and worship artist Nyasha T is a fusion of feel-good afro-praise and contemporary Christian music.

It’s bright, colourful and full of joy.

The ridiculously catchy tune is Nyasha T`s fourth single, and it hails the forthcoming release of his debut album ‘Arise & Shine’ on 6th July.

Come To Praise’ is a declaration of who God is and a reminder of the fact that in all things the Lord is good, regardless of the situation.

[Download "Come To Praise" by Nyasha T & United Praisers]

“I wanted to be able to write an African style song that felt good. It's a declaration of who God is. I decided that regardless of my worries the Lord still deserves praise no matter what," said Nyasha T.

Noted as one of the most exciting up and coming UK artists in his genre, Nyasha T is elated to introduce his growing fan base to his Zimbabwean roots. Raised in Zimbabwe, the 27-year-old spent a year in America before coming to the UK in 2003 and joining the New Wine Church worship team where he honed in on his musical abilities.

Produced by Enoch John ‘Come To Praise’ will be available on all online platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and others.

Arise & Shine Album - Nyashat T & United Praisers

(Picture: Upcoming album cover for Arise & Shine’)

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Nyasha T

Nyasha T is an up and coming singer, song writer and worship leader, whose mandate is to let the world know of the wonders of Christ and His glorious love.

Following the release of his single We Declare (Isaiah 53 vs 5) which was 2nd on the iTunes Charts, Nyasha T has started his work on his first full album called Arise and Shine.

Nyasha T was exposed to singing from a young age, being part of his school choir and the worship team at Forward in Faith (Zaoga). However, he only started to take this seriously at the age of 15 when he joined New Wine Youth Choir.

While being part of the Youth choir, Nyasha T was given the opportunity to lead worship. He later was moved to the New Wine Mass Choir where he is now one of the choir leaders working a long side Lawrence Johnson, who is known for his work with London Community Gospel Choir.

New Wine Mass Choir has opened doors for Nyasha to be able to work with the likes of Israel Houghton, Martha Munizzi, Micah Stampley and several other high profile gospel artists. Nyasha T is also a member of Riversongz, who are known for their work with Muyiwa and Riversongz.

During his university days, Nyasha T attended a church in Colchester called Kesed. Here his eyes were opened to a whole different style of worship, which has greatly shaped his style of music. Nyasha lead worship at Kesed and had the opportunity to work with Wayne and Libby Huirua from Equippers Church, as well as the Equippers church, London worship team.

Having lived in poverty and experienced physical and mental bullying has allowed NyashaT to feel compassion towards those who are going through these things and is one of the many things he wants to tackle as an artist. He is heavily involved in the New Wine Church hamper campaign, as well as supporting New Wine mission trips and other mission trips.

Nyasha T was born in Zimbabwe where he lived for 13 years of his life before moving to Indiana, USA. Nyasha T later moved to the United Kingdom where he has spent all of his adult life.

Having been exposed to different environments and styles of music has allowed Nyasha T to not a single genre artist. Nyasha believes that he’s music appeals to a wide variety of people and that he’s music represents the new journey God is taking him on. His music is more than just songs, but are heart felt words to the Father and he is ready to tell the world.

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