Company - Daveorkofi features R-Scar & Renee Scarlett

After the success of "Minus," a song recently handpicked as one of the to-be-played tunes on Premier Gospel`s "Track Of The Week" series, R-Scar has once again teamed up with DavEorKofi on "Company."

Also featuring Renee Scarlett, this new vibe rides on the back of "Psycho," a Ty Rose`s produced track which was released a few weeks back. R-Scar hopes to surpass "Minus" with his latest single after all, we can`t deny the impact of Afroswing/Afrobashing in today`s gospel music culture.

In a quick chat, the young UK rapper revealed his aspiration and upcoming EP title, while confirming a date.

Loving your new single, I was wondering if you could share the story behind "Company." How did it all come together?

"What inspired this single was a couple of things," he began.

"Firstly, I believe that there is a lack of reverence for God. And I know we need God`s company/Spirit to be with us in this day and age. Also, I think we are in the last days, so it’s vital that we have his company.

"Lastly, I believe people have a foggy perception of Christianity. Many think that Christians can’t have fun and that we can’t enjoy life. That`s not true. Like DavEorKoFi`s hook underlines: "we’re blessed in him, no stress in him!” We have enjoyed his company, and God has always been good to us."

Confirming the EP title, R-Scar said, "Diverse" is the name, and June 20, the tentative date for its release.

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