Closer 2 U - Jordy Mankoto (Single)

Jordy Mankoto`s songs have found a home in the gospel music community. The most recent, at SPAC Nation, where his "Christ on My Side" tune ushered in the newly ordained ministers and evangelists.

As his influence has grown, his listeners have, too, but he`s not about to slow down. Posting an image to promote his upcoming single, "Closer 2 U," he hinted at a new banger with Shaku Shaku vibe.

Closer 2 U - Jordy Mankoto (Single)

So we caught with this exceptional UK Christian artist to find out more. According to Jordy, work is on to debut an album (title and date are yet-to-be-announced), but the release of "Close 2 U" has climaxed with concrete plans to make it available on all major platforms within a week or two.

In his words, "the inspiration for Closer 2 U was getting this new wave of gospel music into the hands of the masses. The song is based on how we all fall and fail, but we need to remember that God is always there for us and our needs, hence why we need to get closer to him and build a relationship with God."

Closer 2 U - Jordy Mankoto (Single)

When asked his expectation for "Close 2 U," Jordy did not hesitate, "I’m expecting this song to go Top 20 in the UK Charts across genres."

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Listen to Jordy Mankoto`s "PRESSURE" [Official Audio]

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