single (Calvary by Zion)

Finally, it`s official. Calvary🌹, the new single by Manchester-based Zion is out, and the long wait that seems like forever is over.

Calling it baby, shouting it loud, the super excited man of the hour (Zion) made a Twitter announcement:

So we join the army of gospel music publicists, making a joyful noise about it. From art cover to song, the "Capture My Heart" singer delivered a masterpiece with resonance and style.

A song that conveys the depth, breadth and weightiness of Christ`s finished work on the Cross, telling the story remarkably, making it accessible to all through the medium of music.

To date, Calvary🌹 is Zion`s best.

Please share it with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. Show your support for Zion and the Kingdom he represents.

Do you still need convincing? [Click here to download].

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