Chrislil`s music brings an Afrobeat vibe on the intersection of impacting society with the Jesus Christ gospel and the encouragement of every believer to keep trusting God.

In the space of forty-eight hours, we have pushed two blog posts about "Over Me," his new single. Big up to Ziggy Ikad and Jaysong for the tight work on the track.

It`s a revealing truth that Chrislil doesn`t lack confidence, listen to his latest release, no holds barred, and you can feel the intent captured lyrically. "This song talks about how Christ keeps surprising his followers with blessings, success, love and many more," he described on Soundcloud.

So we caught up with the enterprising singer on the eve of Over Me`s release, you can follow our quick chat below. Thank you for making yourself available for this interview at short notice. Who Is Chrislil?

Chrislil: I am a young guy who seeks to impact his society positively on the Gospel of Christ Jesus. And also to encourage every believer to keep on trusting God and provide means where believers can cheer each other up regarding music. Awesome. What is your expectation for "Over Me," your new single?

Chrislil: My focus is not just to make a hit but to let people know we can do anything so far as Christ is involved. That`s true. In Christ, we can do amazing things for God`s glory. Every gospel artist tap inspiration from someone or somewhere, who/what inspires you musically?

Chrislil: Musically my inspiration came as a result of me having that inner passion for singing and when I realised our Christian Society lack songs they can cling on and dance or shake their head to as enlightenment is concerned. I took it upon my self to break that wall, cause it’s always the secular music getting people to dance and sing. Brilliant stuff. When did you start singing/receive the call to be a gospel artist?

Chrislil: It started from infancy. I used to sing when things were bad at home. I would sit in a corner, crying. The more I grew wiser and got closer to God during senior high school when I finally decided to brand myself as a gospel singer. Awesome, Chrislil. Thank you for chatting with us. Keep the fire burning for Jesus.

Chrislil: Thank you, too.

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