Amiable, mentor, humble and amazing, frankly these words come to mind when you think of this UK based female gospel artist.

Amazin Ijeoma Paul-Nweze, who took centre stage as a solo artist in 2010 with singles and albums such as; Angels Cry, Mama, Writer's Hand, Wind of Change, Fruitfulness, Count Your Blessings, Mercy Speaks, is out with a new and timely single "Yes, Lord You Are."

On first listen, you become translated from the Outer Court into the Holiest Of All; suddenly an encomium erupts, the unequalled supremacy of Jesus Christ fills your heart.

"Yes, Lord You Are," a song crafted out of the fiery trial, brings forth lyrical expression of an outcry, "You don’t need no subjects to crown Your royalty. No adornment to show You’re beautiful. Yet, every knee shall bow, and all tongue must confess," one that will keep you focused on the Lordship of Christ (download lyrics).

Sharing her inspiration, Amazin` Ijeoma wrote, "this sound came when I could not see a way forward through a terrible season of accusations.

My mind was so troubled, but my spirit was attuned to my source of strength, which is God.

I was in the studio with AB music, as part of my therapy, working on a track Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. This song came, Yes Lord You Are surfaced.

I somehow believed it was released from God’s throne of blessed assurance, to soothe my troubled soul. I sang as tears rolled down my face uncontrollably..."

You can download "Yes, Lord You Are" (here) and enjoy the interview with Amazin` ijeoma below.

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