Today, Unique Creation released the music video of "Arena" (see above), yesterday we completed our chat after the receipt of awaited answers to our numerous questions on his identity, collaboration, inspiration and music.

Few music downloads and finding acceptance in the hip-hop culture has made some gospel artists frown at the faith; this becomes more evident where words like Jesus, Christ, God, Holy Spirit and the gospel message disappear in lyrics and vocals.

Exactly a month ago, I got introduced to your latest song "Arena," on Soundcloud, characterised by weighty lyrics and aggressive bars, "I come with a two edge sword, enforced to mash up the arena," a repetitive hook that left an undeniable impression (download the lyrics).

7gospeltracks: So, here we are. Please, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Unique Creation: I am a lyricist/producer from East London. Originally born in Nigeria, I am a second generation musician. My father is highlife music legend Tunji Oyelana.

7gospeltracks: Your father is a multiple award-winning Nigerian musician, and I enjoy listening to you too, but how would you describe your kind of gospel music?

Unique Creation: It is real life music from a Christian’s perspective. I only write the truth in my songs. So the best way to describe it is to call it real life music.

7gospeltracks: How long have you been in the gospel music industry?

Unique Creation: I have only been in it for about five years, but I have been In music and entertainment all my life because I was raised in it. I have been performing since the age of 10

7gospeltracks: Wow, why did you become a gospel artist?

Unique Creation: Music was always a part of me, so naturally, I started sharing the good news through music when God became a part of my life. This was at the age of 17.

My music is a manifestation of my lifestyle, so the gospel is revealed through it.

7gospeltracks: Wonderful. Indeed our life should speak of God. What is a typical day like for you?

Unique Creation: My typical day is about music. As soon as I wake up, it’s on my mind. My day involves phone calls, and emails to magazines and radio stations. I also do a lot of work for my Church. My church events are a priority for me as well.

7gospeltracks: Different things inspire different people, who/what inspires you musically as a gospel artist?

Unique Creation: I am inspired by my life, my thoughts and experiences, my music is a reflection of all of this combined. I view the world from a Christians point of view, so my music reflects it.

7gospeltracks: What skills/attributes are most important to being a successful gospel artist?

Unique Creation: I think this depends on your view of success because many things are involved. Attributes/skills like discipline and focus are always necessary regardless of your goal.

7gospeltracks: Do you have any foreign gospel artists that inspires you musically?

Unique Creation: I am inspired by any artist that I can relate to so it is hard to select a foreign artist.

Everywhere is foreign to me because I was raised in more than one country. I travelled a lot while growing up and picked up a broader worldview, so all artists are foreign in some way to me.

7gospeltracks: Is there anyone in the UK gospel circuit you would like to collaborate with this year (2018)?

Unique Creation: I would like to collaborate with Feed’em. He is a true brother in Christ, but we have never collaborated lyrically.

7gospeltracks: Love Feed`em. What songs are on your music playlist at the moment?

Unique Creation: At the moment I have “1k Phew - Never Too Late” (the whole album). “InderPaul Sandhu - Money Ain’t A Thing” and “Feed’em - That’s Where I Be At”.

7gospeltracks: Great playlist you`ve there. What is the innovative process for creating your song? How do you do what you do best?

Unique Creation: My process is very random; it comes from all aspects of life. I have made songs from a conversation, how I’m feeling and even a road sign. It can be anything at any moment.

7gospeltracks: What’s more important to you, music melody or lyrics?

Unique Creation: Definitely the lyrics, if I cannot relate to the lyrics in a song, it will never make it to my playlist. My favourite songs all have relatable lyrics.

7gospeltracks: What are you currently working on, song/album/collaboration? Anything to look out for on the short and long term?

Unique Creation: At the moment I am working on my next album. It will be my biggest album to date. I have never done anything like this, so I am excited about it.

7gospeltracks: I`m sure you take time to rest, how do you relax when not ministering/on the road?

Unique Creation: I start travelling when I get the chance. I like going to countries I have never been, eating different kinds of food, meeting people who are very different from me and just enjoying their culture. It helps me open my mind and step out of the usual world, something I have been familiar with.

7gospeltracks: What mistakes do new or inspiring gospel artists make and what piece of advice would you give them?

Unique Creation: One fatal mistake I have noticed is pride, avoid pride at any cost. Some artists find it hard to take constructive criticism; some find it hard just to accept advice because they want to do things they are comfortable with, their way. If you are getting advice from the right sources, it is essential to listen to what they are saying and not get too sensitive about it. Pride stops growth, so be careful.

7gospeltracks: If you had the chance to do it all over again, would you still be a gospel artist?

Unique Creation: I would be a gospel artist over and over again, without a second thought. I never gave myself the title of gospel artist. The title was given to me by people because of the content of my music. All my experiences have made me who I am and given me a view most people do not have so I am grateful for it.

7gospeltracks: Is there anything else you would like the readers to know about you?

Unique Creation: My “Dark Season EP” is out now; you can get it on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and many more. It contains both #Fashionista and #Arena. There is a lot more to come from this project so make sure you buy it.

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