Shoggy tosh feat Juliette Farrall - Maa Maa

Shoggy Tosh`s songs are notable, and they strike me as intriguing. Today, he dropped a new single Maa Maa (from the Emujow album, which is due to be released last quarter of 2018) on the 78th birthday of his adorable mom (Sussanah), call it a tribute to motherhood.

Filled with accolades, praises and an antidote for longevity (honour your father and mother, the 5th commandment with a promise), before now, Shoggy Tosh invited listeners to preorder Maa Maa with a 50% discounted price on iTunes and Google Play.

Shoggy tosh feat Juliette Farrall - Maa Maa

Linking up with him on this song was Birmingham's MOBO nominated soul queen, Juliette Farrell, UK based beatmaker/artist, Faiyabrand gave attention to its Afrobeat tune, shout out to Joel Farrell of Daisy Records and STO Funminilu, a top music producer from Nigeria, who mixed and mastered it all.

In Maa Maa`s lyrics, Shoggy Tosh leans hard on motherly love and sings with a bright voice "Mother of thousands, Mother of millions Shine like a bright star, Millions of bright stars Suzzy baby, Agunbiade...kept me in her tummy, tummy tummy, 9 months mummy, mummy mummy..." (download Maa Maa lyrics)

Femi Best Touch`s studio and Zambian top graphic designer, Paul Payne were both credited with instrumentation and artwork cover respectively. You can buy the song here.

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Song: @MaaMaa_Song Artiste: @ShoggyTosh Featured Artiste: @UKJuliette Produced by: @Faiyabrand Mixed & Mastered by: @STO Funminilu Segun


Artiste: Shoggy Tosh Featured Artiste: Juliette Farrell Produced by: Faiyabrand Mixed & Mastered by: @STOFunminilu

Instagram: Song: @MaaMaa_Song

Artiste: @ShoggyTosh Featured Artiste: @UKJuliette Produced by: @Faiyabrand Mixed & Mastered by: @STOFunminilu

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