Welcome to another #ThrowbackThursday, a day we have dedicated to the promotion of influential African gospel songs.


Each week`s featured selection comes after passing 7gospeltracks.com editor`s review; we consider any Christian song with a release date of three years old and above.


Also, it should reflect a scriptural theme or perspective (for example, love, faith, friendship, hope, prayer, holiness and others), have good radio airplay, be of quality production and reflects well-written lyrics.


After our assessment, we have picked "We Will Not Fear" by Rebekah Dawn (featuring Abel Chungu Musuka) as the #ThrowbackThursday song.

Written and produced by : Rebekah Dawn and featuring Abel Chungu Musuka


The Untold Story of We Will Not Fear by Rebekah Dawn


I wrote this song a few days after the westgate attack in Nairobi, Kenya.


My heart was so heavy for those who had lost loved ones, for those who had gone through the traum of the experience and for those whose job it was to witness the aftermath (soldiers, police, volunteers, etc).


But it is also written for any situation or season where understanding is hard to grasp, peace seems out of reach or pain seems to drown out truth. there is hope... there is love... there is an answer... His name is Jesus. this song is declaration to our nation, our people, our own souls... we will not fear).


I am honored to have my friend from zambia, Abel Chungu Musuka, sing with me...


We Will Not Fear Lyrics


There are times when the power of the darkness

Seems so strong
And when waiting through the night

Can seem so long
And we wonder if the sun will shine again
There are time when the anger

And the pain seem like they'll never go away
When the answers seem too far

And when we don't know what to say
We don't know what to feel
We don't know how to cry



But there is hope for the broken
And there is peace for the grieving
And there is strength for the hurting
And though it's hard to understand..



There is a love that heals the wounded hearts
There is a rest that soothes the worried souls
There is a calm that stills the windy seas
There is a friend we have in Jesus
When shadows chase us in our troubled dreams
When truth seems silent while pain still screams
When there is doubt that tears will ever end
What a friend we have in Jesus


There are times the fury of the storm is what carries eagles higher
Sometimes the beauty of the gold is tested in the fire
And even though it's hard,

We learn the most in our trials
There are times the darkness of the night

Brings out the brilliance of the stars
Sometimes the heart of a hero is truly seen in war
And tho we go pain,

We can heal and rise again...






We will not fear
For our God is our refuge and strength
We will not fear
Our God is our tower and shield
We will not fear
We will stand for our hope is in the Lord
We will not fear
Though the enemy will rise

We know our God is greater

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September 5, 2020

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