Buzzing new hip-hop artist, Vicious Vic has announced the release of his debut effort titled Stage One.

The seven-track EP (which includes the breakthrough single “On My Knees”) will feature production efforts from Artsky, Maksym, and Drew Dumas.

Set for release on the 30th of March 2018, the project is currently available for pre-order on digital stores.

“I titled this project with a hidden meaning in mind.

At a basic level the title does acknowledge the fact that this is my first public effort, but on a deeper level it embodies a profound lesson that God has been teaching me over the past few months: He runs the show, He is the main act,” he explained.

From the very first song, the listener will get the sense that Victor Vic`s "Stage One" EP is no gimmick, the thought of purpose is vivid, and every lyric jotted with intent.

The captivating production was never allowed to overshadow the theological impact.

"Stage One" project is tailor-made for people who enjoy the sonic experience of modern music, but not willing to compromise on biblical truths in light of human experience.

Born in Nigeria, raised in South Africa, and living in the United States, Vicious Vic (Oluwatoba Victor Lucas) is simply the honest outpouring of a young man’s journey with Christ.

This journey has given him the passion to use each and every gift he was given to reach people with undeniable truths.

He is a gifted singer, rapper, songwriter, poet, and public speaker. He also runs a YouTube channel called “Vicious Vlogs” on which he shares biblical concepts on a weekly basis.

Tracklisting 1. Mercy

2. Focus

3. Peace Be Still

4. On My Knees

5. Supply

6. Ghost

7. Praise Praise (Outro)

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