Jubril Art Osunde`s recovery was miraculous, diagnosed with a kidney condition, supernatural intervention was the last strand of hope; "I needed faith, to believe in Him (God) who is greater than I am. I did.

Truly, I had failed, but I am no failure, I conquered the prediction of death by physicians and medical science, and I am still conquering because I believe," he shared.

With the highest expression of gratitude through music, Jubril Art Osunde released "Holy Spirit Takeover," a new gospel song with a vocal cast featuring Jennifer Phillips.

Available for download in MP3, FLAC and other digital formats, the high-quality song is a perfect gift for worship.

Sharing its music video release on Youtube, he said, "this song is a cry to the Spirit of God to take control and take over the world we live in today.

In these last days, we need the intervention of the Holy Spirit to enable us, live a successful life of a believer."

You can watch the video here or visit Jubril Art Osunde`s official website, www.jubril.co.uk to download a copy.

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