Isabella Melodies`s delight and relish in worship opens her music aperture to Bethel Music, Hillsong, Soul Survivor and lots of Africa gospel songs.

After the release of her double album, "A New Beginning" and "Indescribable" in November, I wondered if she was dropping something fresh in 2018?

The answer to my question came when she shook off the cold winter to introduce her "knockout" prayer-song for revival "Rain On Me" (download here).

With eight excellent albums under her belt and a plethora of notable awards to her credit over the years, Isabella Melodies has become one of the most respected voices in the African Gospel music community.

By God`s grace, she has consistently delivered on rich spiritual songs of worship that are scripture based, gospel tracks with great depth and sincerity which have impacted lives across the globe.

Rain On Me, her first single this year is no different but better.

(Rain On Me Lyric Video)

According to Isabella Melodies, it`s a spontaneous cry for revival that was birthed in January while recording a session at an Abuja studio.

"In an age of widespread spiritual apathy and new age ideologies, Rain On Me is a simple but desperate prayer for a spiritual awakening," she said.

"The message of the prayer-song is Revival, the heart cry of every remnant of Jesus Christ in these end times.

Our prayer is that this song quickens your spirit and awakens/reignites your passion for Jesus Christ, The Rainmaker, as confirmed in the book of Zechariah, tenth chapter and first verse.

"Rain On Me" was produced by Greenwox, and it opens with an electrifying guitar and pacy virtuoso drum work that stirs a real call to spiritual awakening.

Layered upon this was the groaning backup vocals of a holy petition with Isabella crying out for open heavens, rain of righteousness, revival, the dew of heaven, showers of blessing, God`s presence, peace and joy as the crashing cymbals resound.

Press play to listen, and you can also click <here to download>


Verse 1

Lord my Father

God my Healer

Ruler of my world

Precious Jesus

My Redeemer

Ever Living Word


Let Your rain of refreshing

And Your showers of blessing

Let the fresh dew of heaven

Rain on me, rain on me

Verse 2

Holy Spirit

My Comforter

You are my Best Friend

You’re my Helper

In my weakness

You have been my strength


Rain on me x4

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