Most remarkably, CalledOut Music has defied the odds with a brand of gospel music that`s reflective of Jesus; if you haven`t listened to the victory-in-Christ amplifying "I Am Free," the engrossing song that finds him tangled in praise, I suggest you stop reading and press play.

The charismatic Samuel "CalledOut Music" Nwachukwu is known to have a clear voice and an acoustic sound that resonates with many following hearts.

Once upon a time [in 2016], there was the God craving "Working On Me," the first single he dropped "on his 21st birthday." Then along came "You Are Mine," a captivating song which went on to become the 2017 gospel hit with lots of resident reviews on social media.

After that was the four-minute apologetic "My Prayer," a viral Youtube song panning back and forth with the cry for mercy, a landing phrase "you know my thought, you know my heart, and you know my prayer," lyrically written in the early stages of his Christian faith.

The gifted "lyricist, music producer and instrumentalist," who grew up in Kaduna gave an unflinching account of how he started.

"My radicalism and lack of fear to delve into the possibilities God has created for me in music can be traced back to the point in my life when I lived in Kaduna.

At the time, "I belonged to a Christian family who lived amid a Muslim society," he began.

Then, there was the Kaduna Sharia riot which claimed more than 1,000 lives according to reports.

"During the chaos, our house suffered some causalities," he continued, and a lot of people sought refuge in military and police barracks.

"At the age of twelve, I moved to the UK. I have found that where I cannot speak, music speaks for me. When I do not have the right words, God speaks through me.

As a result, the rest of my life is blessed, because I have placed God before me. If anything is accomplished, it will be that music is the catalyst that sparks change in people’s hearts," he concluded.

CalledOut Music is a platform built on the love of God, a hope of people understanding the higher calling in Christ and "that all versions of creativity need nurturing to spread the good news of Jesus."

There is a weight of agape love and heavenly diffusion of peace you experience when listening to CalledOut Music. You can follow his music on Youtube.


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