The "only time you have been promised is right now, so make use of what you`ve got," campaigned NØBLE//888, the Virginia based Christian hip-hop artist as he lays it down in the tuneful "Slow Down."

This song carries deep layer of meaning; it isn`t another Christian song written to make you feel right, like the reflective yellow aluminium road-sign with boldly printed uppercase fonts of "Slow Down," a simile, NØBLE//888`s quiet lyrics is a warning shot to live purposefully and circumspectly.

"Slow down/ Cruising way too fast on the road I really need to/ Slow down/ So much sunshine in the spring gat me thinking we should/ Slow down/ We won`t notice how great life could be if we never/ Slow down.../I`ve been moving at the speed of light to get somewhere that don`t exist/ Cruising at a dangerous altitude my head too big/ I`m falling fast/ ...Slow down," NØBLE//888 sings.

If you need a song that conjures inspiration and alternative Christian hip-hop, "Slow Down" is your jam. You can press play to listen here.