(Bridgewater: facebook.com/whoisbridgewatermusic)

We have a newly released song by "Bridgewater," the dynamic husband and wife duo, who are into Jazz, Christian Hip-hop, RnB, Pop, Gospel and Soul music.

Based in Texas, Joshua Bridgewater, the husband, functions as the group`s music producer, while his pretty wife, Kristina Witta "K" performs as the female rap vocal lead.

Their new single is titled "Designer," and the song`s concept originates from a deep truth that "God doesn't call the people who are equipped, he equips who he calls" (quoting the duo).

According to Bridgewater, "None of us is perfect, but he (God) takes the broken pieces of our lives... the ups and downs to masterfully design a testimony that directs the world to him..."

You can listen to this new song here, but if you want to buy, please show them some love by clicking this ( ===> ).

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