Claire is "an exciting new talent with a variety of gifting," said Tracy Lenga, a presenter at K2K Radio, "I have witnessed the impact her music has on the audience with powerful vocals and songwriting abilities, I would recommend her to anybody looking for a spirit filled musician."

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, home to Lingala gospel, the captivating music genre with African swirl and rhythm, Claire B.Donzet, a UK based gospel artist couldn`t have imagined what God had in store until she sang in church at the age of 6.

Her journey began when she relocated to France, home of Eiffel Tower and Disneyland Paris, the entertainment resort visited by families and children. However, it didn`t stop there.

Not long after she turned 19, England, the birthplace of the famous brothers (John and Charles Wesley) came calling, Claire saw an opportunity and moved across River Thames, South London to be specific.

With high hopes, she completed her education and believed that a UK degree in the bag offered good fortune, a dependable income and world at her feet (but it wasn`t meant to be).

Gradually, hours turned into days; days turned into weeks; weeks turned into months, all expectation fading into oblivion with no job in sight.

Then with a jolt of hope, she thought: "It can`t be this bad in France; surely I will get a good job there."

Like the Biblical Naomi, who sought greener pastures in Moab, Claire B.Donzet travelled to France.

Upon arrival, she found a job, yet the shadow of failure and disappointment followed; here and there, up and down, things remained the same, no progression.

Feeling dejected and confused, she returned to London wearing shame as a scarf, "can anything good ever happen to me?" she questioned.

But after 10-days of seeking God`s face with fasting and prayer, illumination came, she felt released to sing prophetically; birthing her call into music ministry.

Two years on, Claire B.Donzet`s unique style has seen many listeners subscribe to her music.

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