There is an emotional reaction that rushes through my veins when listening to the contemporary "Alpha and Omega" by Joepraize or the combustible vibe of Cass`s "Tomorrow Will Come."

Gospel music has been a source of spiritual fuel for me (but there are others), a transformative substance for my body, soul and spirit, one that powers my worship and praise of "The Living God."

Be it in my car, on my mobile phone or at home; like the Word, gospel music has become flesh (my lifestyle).

Interestingly, I added a new title to my spicy music library today; Isaacxhopes` "Run From The Lights (The Good Fight)," soulful, peaceful, soothing and reassuring a song.

The 20-years-old UK-based gospel singer nailed the track with some jazz and hung it on a backdrop of an inspirational message. "I record my conversations with God and post them here (referring to SoundCloud)," shared Isaacxhopes.

Do check out "Run From The Lights (The Good Fight)" below.


Vain thoughts on my conscience, The day I realised I don’t want this, Money, sex, power you accomplished, For the price of your soul, no profit, Held on to your life, now you lost it,

And this music is pointless, If I don’t please God when I bump it, Doing up church with bros dem, We just wanna save souls for the trumpet,

And it’s all love, it’s all love, yeah Deny myself and bear my cross, bear my cross yeah, I’m not fussed, man I just trust and that’s enough yeah, Cause in my weakness Jesus sees and helps me up yeah

Die to self and live forever, Oh my, word. I switched up and I stopped for lusting for the, world.

Can`t you see there is nothing for you in this earth. You were made for so much more my g. (x2)

Running from the lights, It cost me my life. I know how this ends, So I think I'll be fine.

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