(Pictured: RMG Amplify artist, Sada K.)

Talent can go a mile, but an excellent character will take you a thousand miles. The question is, how far do you want to go?

Meet the multi-talented gospel artist from Kansas City, Sada K, a young woman of substance and character, whose art(ery) is a form of music and media, with heart beating inspirational story.

Over the years, her medium of expression has grown intellectual muscles, one that workout with Dash Radio, TBN`s JUCEtv Network and other digital platforms to influence the young and old positively.

Recently, she engaged with Reflection Music Group (RMG) Amplify, and that relationship has successfully produced her latest single titled, "Ready."

Sharing the news on social media, Sada K. said, "I’m so ready for you all to hear my new single... this song is for all the people who have been working hard, trying their best and are ready for a shift in a positive direction."

If you love good Christian music, and appreciate lovely lyrics, then press play (below) to listen or click here to buy her new single.

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