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You can`t run away from an exceptional gospel track, the rhythm and beat will catch up with you eventually. Why not surrender? Why resist the arrest of a quality Christian song?

A few months ago, I was locked up in my room, this was by choice, with headphones in my ears, fully immersed in InderPaul Sandhu`s music, "Money Aint A Thin`" (that song now head my UK hip-hop playlist), so far so good.

Its discovery wasn`t a head-hunting exercise or arduous search, the song chose me (I have YouTube`s suggested video algorithm to thank for this chance meeting).

Your guess is good as mine; "Money Aint A Thin`" was great, but I love me some Unique Creation, Feed`Em and Tneek tracks too.


Fast forward to Tuesday, while preparing for this blog post,

my thought went viral with questions, What and who inspires InderPaul musically? What song/album/collabo does he have next in the pipeline? What was his innovative process for creating a music track?

This questions and more, led to the pursuit of answers. You can eavesdrop on my conversation with InderPaul Sandhu, it`s a reading prescription you will find interesting. : How would you describe your kind of music?

InderPaul Sandhu: Weird, progressive and nostalgic. Who inspires you musically?

InderPaul Sandhu: Mali Music, Frank Ocean, Big L, Etta James and Anthony Hamilton Is there anyone in the gospel circuit you would like to collaborate with this year (2018)?

InderPaul Sandhu: Mali music would be kool and Jackie Hill Perry too, these guys are really good at what they do. What songs are on your music playlist at the moment?

InderPaul Sandhu: Made A Way - Travis Green, Inner Battles - Unique Creation, Fill me Up - Tasha Cobbs, Come Go With Me - Daniel Johnson, Still Breathing - Sean C Johnson. Been banging these songs out one after the other since the new year. What is your innovative process for creating a music track?

InderPaul Sandhu: Lately most of my tracks have come off the back of dreams I get. I have a great friend (King Nana) who is really good at interpreting dreams, he's also the owner of Victory Streamz. I usually leave conversations with him understanding my dreams and with song ideas. What’s more important, gospel melody or lyrics?

InderPaul Sandhu: The message trumps everything, melody is important but the message trumps everything. You can make anything sound nice, I saw a guy just saying old american president names over a trap beat and it sounded dope it really did, but there was no message. What song/album/collabo are you currently working on?

InderPaul Sandhu: I`m currently working on another single called Fountain Pen, which came out of a very interesting dream I had. I think it may be my best piece. Afraid I can't say anymore than that. What do you do to relax when not on the move/ministering?

InderPaul Sandhu: To be honest this is something I'm still trying to figure out. As of recently I have tried to watch movies but I always feel as if I should be working. I take a lot of walks in the evening though but again that ends up with me being on the phone talking about music and making plans. What piece of advice do you have for new or aspiring musicians what would it be?

InderPaul Sandhu: Don't try to be like anybody else there's a reason you are you and I am me. Trust God and His process. Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know about?

InderPaul Sandhu: I have a loadaaa joints with visuals landing this year please, please subscribe to my youtube channel to keep up to date!

Other than that please remember me in prayer I would greatly appreciate that.

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