"Daanase" was the first Ghanaian tune Edward Amponsah fingered on the keyboard, that was only the beginning.

It started at age 23; when Christian instrumentalists were the endangered breed (still, there aren`t enough to go round), a decision was made to learn the keyboard, "there was no one to play in my church at the time," recollected Edward.

Like the biblical teenage David who faced Goliath from Gath in the Valley of Elah, Edward stepped up to embrace the musical challenge, "Is there not a cause?"

A worship leader (Pastor Seth Antwi) of that time became a significant influence, Nathaniel Bassey and Joe Mettle followed after.

With due diligence, his hands bore rule and today; he is a songwriter, gospel singer and worship minister at Global Harvest Ministries, Lewisham, London.

Delightful Edward Amponsah has a new single fashioned out of the great things God has done for him.

"My entire life has been a testimony," he opened up in a chat, "God has been so good to me in every step of my life, right from conception when my dad wanted me aborted, but mum refused."

His new song ("JESUS YOU HAVE BEEN SO GOOD - PRAISE MEDLEY") is available for download on iTunes and other platforms; you will do well to support it. (Click here to buy).

In conclusion Edward advised, "Whatever position you are in, praise God with this song to celebrate His goodness, and he will surely take charge of the situation.

When the praises go up, His glory comes down."

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