(Picture: Swoope)

I am in love with "Never left," and it was love at first listen (up until now, Swoope was a stranger on my playlist).

But shortly after our introduction by SoundCloud, I became captivated with the song and its lyrics.

Natalie Lauren`s chorus serenades me, piercing into my hip-hop soul, and Swoope`s verse, yee-haw, infectious!

Coming off Sonshine (Swoope`s album) as the second single, you can never be in doubt of a production spinning from theBeatbreaker, Natalie Lauren and Swoope.

The collaboration works perfectly on this track, too much mixing and mastering spoil any music, but this one was on point.

To and fro, this tune is one for the road; and you can`t go wrong if you put it on repeat.

Get your digital copy here.

Sonshine Tracklist:

1. Shine 2. Hall of Fame 3. Never Left (Ft. Natalie Lauren) 4. Flex 5. Old Me 6. Thou Shalt Not Kill (Ft. Kareem Manuel) 7. Way Up 8. Black Boy 9. You Got Me (Ft. Taelor Gray) 10. Shining Down 11. All The Time

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