(Picture: Evan (Right) And Eris Ford (Left)

"We love God. We Sing, Play, And Produce for His Glory," is the depiction found on "Evan And Eris`s" Twitter page.

Though performing at large Christian festivals and conferences across the U.S, the clamour for the release of new gospel music by the Colorado group had been growing slowly, and now, their single has finally dropped.

Yes, you read that right! It`s now available on all digital platforms for download.

The brother and sister duo (Evan and Eris), known for their fusion of RnB, hip-hop and worship, titled the song "Be Alright," and it featured Steven Malcolm, the energetic Christian hip-hop act in "Fadeaway" music video.

And so enthralling is the lyric, it jabs you with an excellent hook of hope in worrying times.

"Be Alright" is one for your gospel playlist, and you can listen to it (above), or better still, support Evan and Eris with a purchase.

(Picture: Evan and Eris / evananderis.com)

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