You could sense that Angeloh was up to something fresh, you could feel it in the air.

The productive time (of vocal takes) spent behind a mic wearing headphones in a "Lagos studio" with QBittz and Master J has paid off, a new song has been born, and Angeloh calls it, "You Said."

This song is no instant-gratification release for iTunes; it`s the concluding song from his upcoming EP, "Highway," due in a month.

Read Angeloh`s own words, and you can instantly feel bonded to the song`s inspiration,

"Life is characterised by times of immense trials and pressures. Sometimes the problems we find ourselves in are due to factors we cannot control; other times, they are consequences of our actions, he expressed.

"Nevertheless, in our most vulnerable state, when all strength and reason fails us and the ground we stand on makes way beneath us; we are reassured that Christ will never leave or forsake us. Why? Because He said so," he ended.

You can listen, download (here) and share it.

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