Towards the end of last year, Desola dropped "Jesus Saved Me," but yesterday, the award-winning gospel artist shared a new tweet of her forthcoming single called "MAY YOUR KINGDOM COME."

After that, we caught up with her to find out more:

Hi Desola,

Can you give us an update on your upcoming song?

Yes, the song (MAY YOUR KINGDOM COME) will be released on the 18th of February 2018, and it will be available on all digital outlets.

What is the song`s untold story?

It is a follow-up story from my first single "Jesus save me," and it was lifted from my second upcoming album "INTIMACY."

It focuses on the Lord's Prayer. I have a great passion for the world and the world's peace. I try to express my side of the solution in the storytelling.

What inspired the song?

The situation around the world was the inspiration. The suffering and the pain across nations but the realisation of peace, love and hope when the glory of God supersedes our atmosphere, and the need for another touch of God Glory (#thelordsprayer).

What would you like to tell the Christian music community?

Be more cautious of the state of the world and address this in our songs, not be overly spiritual without acknowledging the need for the world and how our faith can bring a solution to these issues.

Desola`s new single comes out in eleven days but we will keep you updated with the release.

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