(picture: Open Mic Lounge Art Cover)

It`s out there now; Open Mic Lounge EP is available for musical consumption.

Once Wickd, the American Christian hip-hop rapper delivered packets of bars speaking about his allegiance to God who saved him.

Read the declaration on his official web page:

"We were Once Wckd. We are Once Wckd. We know the struggle and pain that comes with a lifestyle associated with sin and shame," he opened.

"So we borrow your hope. We take your yearning for something beyond. We use your desire for the supernatural. We turn your hope into sound.

That's our sound. We hope to pull you into a world in tune with the Divine Lord of Hosts. He who breathed out the stars also breathes through us; although we are weak, we testify of His greatness," he closed.

The 7-track EP addresses different issues, and my favourite tracks are "New Home" and "Once It Was."

You can listen to it here or download.

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