CASS – Tomorrow Will Come (Official Music Video)

(Snapshot from Tomorrow Will Come Music Video)

Young people are not short of options when they turn 21, like a sponge, they soak it all in without any care in this world.

But Cass (Cassandra Kanda) is doing well, the 22-years-old female gospel act/producer from New Zealand spends her time spreading the message of Christ through the medium of creativity and music.

CASS - Tomorrow Will Come (Audio)

Today, the music degree graduate released "Tomorrow Will Come" music video on Youtube, and it`s gaining momentum for the right reasons.

Blending Soul, RnB and Techno styled vibes, Cass`s music sets her apart from the rest. This music video is relatable but straightforward with its colourful visuals and well-choreographed dance moves.

Press play to enjoy it or buy audio here.

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