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Not every song will make it to the UK Christian chart, and behind every successful EP or album, there is an excellent producer.

Song production is a craft that requires mastery, and many people have attended courses and schools to gain the technical advantage.

To bring quality songs into the digital existence, music producers need sharpened skills: active listening, scheduling, song editing, communication, mixing, mastering and many more.

(A sample of Essie B`s beat)

Dan Connor in one of his article corroborated this truth, "in addition to being adept at the musical facets of songcraft; producers also need to be knowledgeable about the technical aspects of capturing and generating the recordings that represent the song.

(Picture: Essie B)

Producers are traditionally responsible for making sure that everything that needs to happen for the project to be finished is accomplished."

For this reason, Essie B`s skill with music notes and chords deserves mention.

Born in East London, the rising UK female producer, keyboardist and singer/songwriter grew up playing music under the influence of her late dad (may his soul rest in perfect peace).

Playing in church with consistency, she became better at her songcraft and gained exposure to music technologies after attending a songwriting workshop at 14.

(Brave Instrumental - Prod. by Essie B (FOR LEASE)

Like a precious gem, she discovered her passion for music technology and polished the love for beat making.

Destiny would come calling after she received the gift of Cubase LE software at seventeen years of age, what more could she ask for, than a perfect present to start making her music at home.

For the next four years, Essie B divided her time between being a student of Biomedical Sciences at University of Roehampton and a pianist/soprano singer for Righteous Roe (the only gospel choir on campus).

(Picture: Essie B)

In 2014, the door of opportunity opened to perform with Muyiwa Riversong, and she entered as part of the house choir for the UGCY Gospel Competition.

After that, she completed her science degree, shifting her focus to music production by enrolling at the world's largest Creative Media School, SAE Institute London Campus, where she studied Audio Production.

(Classic Instrumental - Prod. by Essie B (FOR LEASE)

Following the momentum of her studies, she worked with Claire B. Donzet and UK Christian hip-hop act, Feed`em. And last year, she produced a couple of songs on InderPaul Sandhu`s "THE BLOOM TAPE". Watch Fountain Pen (Remix) below.

Essie B`s production stock is rising, and she hopes to be a trailblazer as she takes beat making to the next level of excellence.

(The Journey Instrumental - Prod. by Essie B (FOR LEASE)

You can follow her on social media:

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