In Unique Creation`s own word, "Fashion is always changing because people consider them old and obsolete so they go looking for something new.

Fashion and fads keep changing until ideas run out. Eventually ideas are recycled and the same old thing becomes new again and the cycle continues."

He further expanded on this thought, "As Christians our fashion statement is our character and the gifts that God gave use.

This song is encouragement for everyone who is a believer to never be ashamed in a world that tells us to be because while the world's statement changes, our statement remains the same and is always relevant regardless of what changes around us."

East London lyricist, Unique Creation, is breaking down some creative walls and pushing the barriers again with the music video to his latest single #Fashionista.

The first visual from the Dark Season EP which is available now on all your favourite e-Stores including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Shazam and Amazon Music. The music video is officially available on YouTube now!!

The second single from the "Dark Season EP" is due for release early 2018.

(You can watch the video below and sing along with its lyrics).


Bright lights/gold floors, Pearl Gates/ no doors bare heads, one cause, everybody's looking sharp with no flaws, no dodgy cuts just Godly couture, fresh new robe and you know what it's for, the amp's on high everyone's on the floor, everybody here's just having a ball, hands in the clouds cause we're leaving the air, all our life stressing we're leaving it here, your best dress doesn't even come near, to the gorgeous gown that the maker prepared, I stepped in with a brand new shirt, fresh and clean when i came from dirt, fearfully made from the inside out, pull out the red wine cause I'm painting the town,

Are you a temple or a bando/ banger or a lambo, a pair of dead kicks or a sandal, i walk around town with a mantle, light so bright that it's easy to hate, let our actions speak we're not even that bate, fine linen is the righteous deeds of the saints, (revelations 19:9) drawn in a way only a God can paint, we're sent to take over the runway, on this flex from Sunday to Sunday, you can ignore but you'll see the truth one day, Wonderful even on our worse day, never try to blend in, stand out, never get boxed in, lash out, fresh new thing with a new platform, made in an image so I'm on what my dad's on,

The site of the scene...Epic, it's like watching a dream...Netflix, the energy's through the roof... hectic, walk in flip tables then exit, yea, shut it down for the team, one of a kind so i'm flaunting my theme, i'm part of a lot it's more than just me, already recharged while you're blowing off steam, all that deadness i ain't involved, built to last i remain in vogue, fresh to death, my frame is cold, tailor made when i came in so, i was born with a price, that case is closed, Leonardo Givenchy I'm breaking codes, made a catwalk out of this Journey, merk the scene till it's stretched on a gurney,

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