(From L to R: Nathaniel L. Peat, Lurine Cato, Temi Mwale and Flo (aka The Floacist) & Chris Syrus)

Doing the valuable work of people development in our violence visited communities is a fundamental cap very few put on.

Recently, HMP Elmley`s assessment delivered a credible blow for the "rise in violence since the start of the 2017 year..."

Countering this increase, a bespoke footwork was developed, called "Aspire Higher" Violence Reduction" Programme, with the primary focus on the personal development, self-reflection, the breaking of bad habits, positive thinking, motivation and inspiration" of the prisoners and staffs.

And yesterday, the inspired team of Nathaniel L. Peat (from The Satefy Box), Lurine Cato, Chris Syrus (from Syrus Consultancy CIC), Temi Mwale and Flo (aka The Floacist) visited the prison (see image above).

Sharing the experience on Twitter and tagging the team, The Safety Box, one of HMP Elmley`s partner wrote:

We have witnessed a rise in U.K`s prison violence, but we need to commend the efforts of HMP Elmley and its partners for putting in the shift to improve the people affected.

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