(PICTURE:Dami Tolaoluwa)

Dami Tolaoluwa is a multi-faceted individual, primarily recognised for his musical abilities and social influence. He is a Worship Minister, Youth Coach, Public Speaker, Writer, and Creative.

As a profound Worship Minister (recording-artist) with a voice that pierces the heart of man, and ministers to the broken;

he has a unique grace to usher people to a place where they can experience the awesomeness of God for themselves, with the ability to shift the atmosphere of a room. His worship is motivated by burdens and pain he has carried, and his genuine love for God.

Dami Tolaoluwa can truly be described as a David of our generation after God’s Heart, and one who is always yearning to perfect the art of worship, make known the beauty of Worship, and reflect Christ in his approach towards people.

He is faithful in serving others and the very thing that motivates him is knowing that he is able to make a difference in the lives of others by reflecting the true essence of God.