(Picture: Like A Child Art Cover)

Juggling the balls of motherhood, music ministry, business and the nine-to-five job can be demanding for a female gospel artist.

These duties require skills to delegate tasks and plan things forward if you are to keep your head above the stay-at-home waters.

So we were particularly over the moon when Sarah Teibo, the UK award-winning gospel artist updated us with the first single from the project - "Like A Child."

Tweeting its official artwork and a PledgeMusic link on her social media page yesterday (see image above), she wrote,

"It’s my birthday & I honestly can’t keep calm. Lol! I thank God for life, health & the blessing of an amazing husband (we share the exact same birthday😜). Today my new song ‘Like A Child’ hits the airwaves💃🏾. You can also, keep up w the project here -"

At, we want to thank God for making this possible, and give kudos to Jason Nicholson-Porter, Tehillah Daniels and Luke Grant GKID (her music producer), who worked with Sarah Teibo on this one.

"Like A Child" has hit the airwaves with the official release happening on the 26th of January.

And just this morning, Uncle Charles pushed out a tweet in support of the song,

To catch up with this new music, please tune to Afropolitan Praise Show (on ABN Radio UK), Habari Africa (on UK Premier Gospel Radio),, or any of your favourite UK Christian radio shows!

(An Evening With Sarah Téibo Live @ The Hard Rock Cafe London (Part 2) feat. Israel J Allen)

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