PROPHECY 2018: The Countdown To The End Has Started

I was in my room last weekend when my daughter suddenly exclaimed, New Year, New You!

This phrase prompted me to scribble a rough plan for myself and family (New Year Resolution).

Just in the nick of time, a WhatsApp alert with RCCG Prophecy made me stop, glued to my phone, I eagerly opened it. Scrolling down the message, I read the prophecy foretelling future events in 2018. You can also read it below.


1) Erstwhile stubborn mountains will move. 2) Many people will wake up to realize that their future is not in the hands of any Government, a lot of lost grounds will be reclaimed. 3) Saboteurs will be disgraced and displaced.


1) Significant Goliaths will fall. 2) Before the end of the year, there will be raise of hope that all will still be well.

International :

1) There will be less fire outbreaks, but more floods. 2) There will be misunderstandings among Nations, but no war. 3) Pray against assassination attempts globally. 4) There will be record-breaking temperatures but high and low. 5) There will be a handful of breakthroughs, but scientific and medical. 6) The countdown to the end has started.

You can also watch the video here in its full context.

The good news is that prophecy shows God's willingness to reveal himself to the believer and unbeliever alike.

He wants to build us up, comfort us and encourage us to do great things for the Kingdom.

This prophecy and of course my resolutions, has increased my desires for more of the Bible confirming its truth and making it mine.

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