(picture: facebook.com/PositiveTnt)

The twin Island of Trinidad & Tobago is a tropical country with beautiful vegetation zones that are suitable for the Scarlet Ibis (flamingo), leatherback turtles and visiting tourists from all across the globe.

Aside from their carnivals, this commonwealth country is the home of gospel reggae artist, Joel "Positive" Murray, who has gained global attention for the right reasons.

With three successful albums in the bag: “Never Let Go,” “Forever My King,” and “Stand And Be Counted,” many accolades have followed.

(picture: Positive and wife at The Gospel Music Awards)

Most recently, he (Positive) received an award for "The Best Music Video" at the just-concluded "2018 Gospel Music Awards of Trinidad & Tobago" for the song, "Two Man Army." (If you haven`t watched it, click here).

After the event, Positive went on Facebook to share his excitement,

"My team won the award for Best Music Video for the single #TwoManArmy !! This video was shot and edited by Cowin Thorpe with additional cam by Melvern Isaac live in Reno, Nevada.

He added, "Special thanks to Jem and the entire team from Curepe Pentecostal for their display of the stoning of Stephen. My co-star Ana and Emma made a cameo at the beginning lol... Huge shout outs also to my bro Jaron Nurse for the tremendous work he’s been doing on and off stage!! Photo by @iamzwade.

Congratulations to Positive, his family and his team on a well-deserved recognition!

(Watch Two Man Army video below)

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