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Reading has many benefactions (but inaction is not one of it), and a good book can save your life studies have shown.

With under 130 million books published globally according to Google`s algorithm, we have no excuse for miseducation, mentally speaking of course.

You see, not many books give you peace, change your life, give you direction, build your faith and make you wise at the same time.

But the Bible can! If in doubt, start by clicking (here).

In an interview with the Guardian, Jennifer Hudson, the 2-time Grammy Award winner (now a coach on The Voice UK), was asked, "which book changed your life?"

"The Bible," she replied. "I’ve been reading it since I was little and it hasn’t failed me yet."

That statement comes from a woman swayed by the murder of her mother, brother and young nephew, one-month into her engagement in 2008.

Through it all, Jennifer found solace in the "Holy Bible." So what are you doing with yours today?

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