[NEW RELEASE] "WE CONQUER" by KUDZAE of Root and Honor Records

(Blog post extract from Kudzae`s bio on kudzaemusic.com)

Kudzai Pahwaringira (known as Kudzae), a singer and songwriter whose music combines the elements of Afro-urban tunes, jazz, rock, soul and RnB, call it Lounge Music," has released a new song titled "We Conquer".

Birthed out of a mind and heart battle, written as a declaration of the victory we have through Jesus in all.

It is not only an invitation of his spirit on our journey but a war cry and testimony of battles won!"

Kudzae, a lover of life, whose inspiration stems from a diverse exposure of culture and philosophy; believes that God is The Source.

Born in Zimbabwe to Andrew and Mary Jane Pahwaringira, his parents - he`s the third sibling among the family of four children.

His African roots have influenced his music, and his enthusiasm for harmonies drew him to Acapella.

After moving to Belize (Central America), he spent 4 years to further his education by studying Information Technology.

But as life evolved, his discoveries, his struggle and his dilemma inspired his songwriting.

What he started out as a book ended up as a chain of melodies.

By 2011, the call into music got louder with the passion bubbling into several tunes of resounding potential.

An unpredicted friendship with producer, Mervin Budram, took his music into production. In May 2013, his first single "Won't Stay Down", marked the beginning of his music career.

You can listen to Kudzae above.

(Picture: Kudzae)

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