Maintaining a digital library with the latest gospel releases is a culture that I cultivated due to my love for Christian music.

This behaviour [correctly controlled] has made a norm of listening to gospel radio shows, watching Christian countdowns, subscribing to music blogs, and following gospel artists on social media.

It`s a spiritual necessity, though not easy [God`s grace has been sufficient for me].

Today, I got a song notification for Ayo Vincent`s new single, "Your Presence Is Here," and I listened to it.

I believe that a good gospel song should have the ingredient of "a wishful well-written lyric, a melodic hook and a heart-felt vocal," echoing Millard`s words, which rings true for "Your Presence Is Here."

Also accompanying the notification was Ayo Vincent`s official communiqué, “We are in the days of His Power and there is an unprecedented move of the Spirit. Whatever your needs, whatever your requirements, whatever your desires…His presence is the answer.

"Bask in His presence, stay in His presence and receive in His presence. In the year of the Supernatural, We bring you YOUR PRESENCE IS HERE."

The song is certified newsworthy, and you can download it now.