(Picture: https://twitter.com/CeroseLondonEnt)

"All The Way Up," the first track in Cerose's Mixtape, "Messiah Music," is vibrating in my system, and I can`t shut down the lyrics. (Truth be told, I don`t want to).

"Yeshua Hamasiach, praise to the God-head. Any other god fall off and drop dead...in Jesus name, I`m going to pray away the rifles...I`m trying to live my life like one of his disciples...most of Christendom is blinded by the media and if you talk the truth ain't nobody feeling ya..."

Cerose attacked his verse head-on with the holy fire of conviction, and Mane, the featured rapper, followed up with words that open up the soul with scriptural truths like a Samurai warrior.

Preacher name-dropping, addressing the lies and exposing false teachings, the song is not for the faint-hearted.

If you love Christian hip-hop, and you are not afraid of the truth, then "Messiah Music Mixtape is made for you.

Download it here.