#1. Lecrae ft Tori Kelly | I'll Find You

In life, we face challenges, fears and pains but thanks be to God, Who has not left us without hope in this world.

The song was written by Lecrae, Natalie Sims, Sasha, Kelly, Sloan, John Mitchell, DJ Frank E and Danny Majic.

#2. Le'Andria Johnson | All I Got

We may be going through trials and tribulations but God`s love is all we`ve got. Love beyond comprehension. Love that is true. Love that is pure. Love that saves.

#3. Dvtn | Distance

You can go all the distance with God. Don`t hold back cause He wants all of you. Life throws diverse challenges at us but His Holy Spirit is there to comfort us.

#4. Joe Mettle ft Luigi Maclean | Bo Noo Ni

The song is a blend of English and Ga with Joe Mettle featuring Luigi Maclean.

"I am who I am because of you, if it had not been for you tell me where would I be. I was lost when sinking deep in sin, but you reach out your hand and rescued me. No one else can do the things you do, there’s no one else but you..."

#5. Ada | Jesus (You Are Able)

What can’t Jesus do! He has been given the name above all names. He is the Creator of the universe, and there isn`t anything He can`t change.

#6. Eunice U | Ogheneme (My God)

God has made us anew. Old things have passed away and we can see new things that are of praise to our God springing forth for us on all sides. Come on let`s dance.

#7. Hannah Kamara | My Desire

More of you Lord and less of me is what I desire. I want more of you every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year. Lord, make me just like you in every way. This is my prayer.

#8. Derin Bello | Wonderland Remix

I have searched all over looking for the solution and help but to no avail. But then on a day like no other you found me and rescued me and took me to the wonderland of your amazing grace. Now my life is now a wonder to the glory of your beautiful name.

#9 . Vorkay | I Need You

Brokenness has been my song. I have experienced failures because I have not listened to the voice of your Spirit. Lord, I come in humility because I know have disappointed you. Come and be my strength cause I admit I need you in my life. Please, lead me Lord by your Sweet Spirit and Your Holy Word.

#10. Manifest | Nikki Laoye

Oh Lord, come down and manifest your power in my life, family, job, church, community, nation and the world. We have heard and read of your marvelous works and we know if You have done it before You can definitely do it again. Come and revive us again.


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